How Did They Do This? Masking??

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On this exceptionally well done doc, at the 6:53 mark, there is a locked, time-lapse type shot that occurs. The first shot is the cruise ship sailing out of port, then the background fades, but not the foreground, and the background crossfades into the open ocean. Do you think they applied a mask (rotoscoped) around the foreground objects and then just did a simple cross fade? Whatever they did, it is a cool effect. I love the variety of angles they got and it looks like it shot with a Brandon Li type of gimbal set up. All moving shots look nice and smooth and the whole piece is well edited. The music is quite well chosen too. 


  • Triem23
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    Sorry, are you sure 6:53 is the correct time code? I've just watched that fade 20 times and, as far as my eye can detect it's just a crossfade. I think you're getting an optical illusion of segments fading at different times because of the contrast difference in the shots.

    In fact, I went ahead and downloaded this footage, went into an NLE and frame-by-frame stepped through this footage. The fade at 6:53 is a crossfade. That's it.

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    @ karma17 @Triem23 Maybe the question is about the transition at around 7:00 where the wake of the ship doesn't "change" but the horizon fades from the distant skyline to the ocean?  Could have been a mask in there.

  • CleverTagline
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    @Triem23 @karma17 As @Stargazer54 says, I think it's the 7:00 transition in question. However, from what I can see, that's also just a simple cross-dissolve with a locked camera on the deck of the ship. Look at the cables coming down on the left part of the frame. They're not in the same position after the fade.

  • karma17
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    Sorry about that. It was closer to 7:00. But yeah, it seemed like more than a crossfade/dissolve when I watched it last night. When I look back at it now, I guess I was thrown off by the foreground not seeming to change while the background did. It seems so obvious now but why would the foreground change! They just combined two locked shots on a moving ship and so the only thing that changed was the background. I guess it is impressive to me that they just kept the camera in place and then had the foresight to get two separate backgrounds. The dissolve/crossfade was the perfect transition then!

    BTW,  you guys have great eyes for breaking down these effects! 

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