1920x1080 to 1440x1080??? Please Help

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Hey all,
First off I want to appologize for my lack of video vocabulary.
Ok, so maybe I'm doing this wrong but... Quick time says the files size is 1920x1080, but when I import into the media it now says the file is 1440x1080.  Which looks fine on the player but after I export the image looks squashed in from the sides(I have tinkered with the setting in a number of different ways).  Is there some magic setting I have to have in order for the file to import at 1920x1080?
I'll attach some pictures to help you understand what in the world I am talking about haha.


  • Also, if I maybe did record in 1440x1080.  Why does the quicktime resoloution size say 1920x1080?
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    1440x1080 is the unloved stepchild of HD. It's an intermediate resolution used for HD cameras shooting mini-DV tape.
    1440x1080 is then horizontally stretched to get 1920x1080.
    Some player software will misreport the resolution of a 1440x1080 file because it misreads the aspect ratio tag, and reports the scaled output. (1440 times 1.33=1920.)
    So... What's happening here is a queston of pixel aspect ratios. A 1920x1080 pixel is square (1.0), and a 1440x1080 pixel is a stretched retangle (1.33)
    I am not on a computer right now, but I am 90% certain that on the export screen you'll find a setting for "pixel aspect ratio." If there is, I am 90% certain that changing the pixel aspect from 1.0 to 1.33 will solve your problem. I don't have access to 1440x1080 footage to test, but, please, let us know if that fixed the problem.
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    Thank you for your reply,
    I have been using the aspect ration as 1.33 and nothing seems to really change once the file is exported.  The exported file is still squashed in comparison to the original mp4 file.  I did nothing but choose the resolution to be 1440x1080(I've also tried 1920 but that just leaves blank space) and change the aspect ratio to HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.33).  I will attach pictures to further explain the problem.
    (the left player is the original)
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    Hmmm. Ok, we'll have to wait and tif anyone from FxHome has an idea. Exporting 1440x1080 with a 1.33 should have worked.
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    Exporting 1440x1080 with a 1.33 should have worked.

    Yea it's crazy, I can clearly understand the concept which is why I am baffled as well.  I feel like I am doing everything correctly but it has no noticable effect on the final export.  Everything looks good inside edit & effects preview window, exporting seems to be the only problem. (Other than my mac lying telling me the original file is 1920x1080...)

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    You need to ensure that your project settings and your export settings are the same.
    At the moment your video is going into HitFilm as an anamorphic file. As the 1.33 aspect ratio has been automatically applied by HitFilm to stretch the pixels and make it easy for you to alter and use inside the software, this means that it looks great while you're in the program, but upon export unless whatever you're using knows to change it again, it'll look skewed. 
    Your best bet is to make sure your video properties are set to 1920x1080 when you import them and the same for export. What Triem said is spot on and should also definitely work, so if you still can't sort the problem, send us a support ticket with your project file (just two seconds or so - we don't need the whole thing) so that we can test it here ourselves and get this sorted for you. 
  • Hi Kristie,
    Thank you for your response.  I think have tried this and for some reason it is not solving my problem.
    I'll attact pictures to show the steps I took for importing and exporting the project
    I'll aslo send a support ticket.
    (1) Shows the original video.
    (2)  My project settings.
    (3) Importing of the original .MP4 file.
    (4) A message that pops up asking if I would like to change my settings (no is what I clicked here)  I have tried yes and that reverts the settings back to 1440 and I have the original problem
    (5) My exporting settings.
    (6) Results.
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    Your original footage is 1440x1080 and you are setting your project settings to 1920x1080. Hitfilm prompts you if you want to resize your project to the dimensions of your footage. That's because it has detected that your footage and the project settings are different.
    If you choose Yes, then the project settings will change to 1440x1080.
    If you choose No, then your settings will remain 1920x1080 and your footage will remain 1440x1080. If you are wanting your footage to be 1920x1080, you would need to Scale your footage horizontally to match the 1920x1080 dimensions of your project. In doing so, you will change the aspect ratio. Thus, you would need to Scale your footage both horizontally and vertically to "fill" up the 1920x1080 viewer of the project.
    You can see this in your 4th image in the upper left corner where you can scrub the viewer. You can clearly see the space between the blue outline of the viewer and the edge of your footage. It does not fill the viewer, because the horizontal dimension is 1440 and the project horizontal dimension is 1920.
    So when you export it, and your export dimensions are 1920x1080 and your footage is still 1440x1080, then you are going to get blank or black bars on either side (because 1440 is less than 1920); as well, as, your 1.3 aspect ration will be "squeezed" into the 1.0 aspect ratio of the export settings.
    So, if you want to keep your 1440x1080 footage throughout the pipeline, set your project settings to 1440x1080 asr 1.3 and your export settings to 1440x1080 asr 1.3.
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    Awesome Thanks for the reply I understand now. I figured out that I needed the player to play the footage at 1920. So I used handbrake to code and change the dimensions. Now it looks normal!!
    What I am wondering now, is there anyway I can avoid using handbrake and have hitfilm encode the file to stretch the video in other players?
    Thought I would update incase anyone is concerned or has a problem in the future. For those who have a 1440x1080 clip that is stretched to 1920x1080 and want to export with the same resolution settings. What you need to do is create a project in 1920x1080 with square pixels, then import your media (be sure to click NO when asked if you would like change your project settings to match those of your imported media). You can then edit or whatever you need to do. When you're ready to export, you should export with those same settings.
    I'm not sure why I was having so much trouble but this is the way to do it. Thanks everyone here for your help! and sorry if I confused anyone along the way. :D/
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    Glad you figured it out. :-)
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    thanks Sean for posting the solution, I was just getting a bit frustrated about this.
    Btw it is not just DV based cameras that use non square pixels, posher cameras configured to use a down level recording format do as well :-(