Exporting full video rather than the the clipped version

NezDPA Website User Posts: 1

hello, so my problem basically is when I export my video it downloads the whole thing (25 minutes) when I only need 5 minutes for what im working on, after slicing the part I needed I added music and exported, once I viewed it, it was 20 minutes of darkness and 5 minutes of the content I needed.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  • CleverTagline
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    @NezDPA Here's my hunch. You took your 25 minute clip and dropped it onto the Editor timeline.  After slicing out what you didn't want, you left the remainder unmoved on the timeline, then used the Export Contents export option.  That option exports from the very first frame of the timeline (even if nothing is there) to the very last frame of actual content, which is why you got all the black before the part you wanted.

    I'm guessing you're new to non-linear editing (NLE) software like HitFilm. In short, NLEs aren't designed to assume that a blank part of the timeline before other content is supposed to be ignored. When rendering, NLEs always start at the beginning of the timeline (or the beginning of a marked portion of the timeline) and render whatever is there, even if that's a whole lotta nothin'.

    What you need to do is zoom out so you can see the full timeline, then drag your 5-minute piece (plus the music you added) back to the very beginning (the far left end).  Render using the Export Contents option, and you should get just your trimmed clip with music.