Video journal of my life during January. Critiques are welcomed!


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    Again - beautiful stuff :) I can't quite believe you're doing this with a Canon T3i and the lens you mentioned - brilliant editing skills and a great eye for beautiful compositions. 
    The part I really liked in this version was around 1:52 when the creepy music started playing. This is me going off on a total tangent to your original idea but with everything which happened before and the beautiful singing coupled with romantic-type scenes, to have the scene go blank and then start playing slow, melodic music made me lean forward in my seat.
    I know it's the journal of your life, but it could easily (in my mind) to have also been one of those trailers for horror films which take you by surprise - lure you in with beautiful imagery and then everything goes dark and you know something else is going on......
    I don't know - my strange mind. 
    By the way, to save you splitting up everything into multiple threads and scattering them about, you might want to just create a journal thread specific to you. When it's updated it'll go back to the top of the board anyway so everyone will still see it - but it's just a good idea to keep the videos and updates together as it keeps the forum tidy. 
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