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I was surprised that I could not find an individual thread for the Lightning God, who has 2 solo movies under his belt.  Someone posted a quick screen test of Tom Hiddleston.  He originally auditioned for the role of Thor and put on 20 lbs of muscle.


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    The most interesting thing about those screen tests is how closely the framing and posture matches what Hemsworth ended up doing. Branagh and co clearly had a good idea of what they wanted physically from the character - I suppose that process is aided by having a few decades of visual styling in the comic book.
    I remember reading a review of Blade 2 waaaay back which commented on how Wesley Snipes and Guillermo del Toro understood comic book silhouettes and framing, and were able to translate that into live action. It's something that Nolan and the various Marvel directors have also done a good job translating, as did Burton back in the day. And it's noticeably what some of the lamer comic book adaptations just haven't got right.