How to find the duration of a group of clips

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    Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to Check the length of a group of selected clips because I would like to use my audio to make a composite so I know the length it needs to be. But if I sliced the section I need, I can't make a composite by selecting the all the clips. So I have to count the duration from the playhead.

    It would be much easier to be able to use multiple clips in a composite.

     Also, I need to put elements in my videos so I do that by making a composite and the replacing the old section. Is there a way to place a composite in the middle of a video and have the clips move over instead of being deleted?

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    @Test5ubj3ct It's better to start a new thread rather than tack onto an old one, especially when your question is unique.

    That aside, there's a fairly easy way to find the duration of several clips in the Editor timeline using HitFilm's In and Out markers. Go to the start of your shot range and press I to mark the start of your first shot as the In point. Move to the end and press O to mark the out point. Move your mouse to the bar above the timeline where you can see the time numbers, and place it over the end of your marked range until the cursor changes to double arrows, indicating that you can move the end of the range. Left click and move your mouse either right or left just slightly, and you'll see an annotation appear with two numbers. The left number indicates the amount you changed the range's length, and the right number by "New Duration" is the actual length. While still holding the left button, slide the mouse back until the left number reads +00:00:00:00.  The New Duration number will be the length of your shot range.

    Re: your second question, I'm not sure I understand. When making a composite shot from a clip in the main Editor timeline, HitFilm replaces the selected clip with the new composite. Are you saying you want to leave the original clip there, but just shifted over, so that you end up with both the composite shot and your original side by side? If so, this can be done by copying your clip before making it into a comp, then returning to the Editor timeline once the comp is made, and pasting it either before or after the comp.

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    Just noting I've obviously split this question to its own thread. 

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    @jsbarrett I mean it in the context of if I had to make a new comp using multiple clips. Meaning that there would be no "original clip" to replace but it needs to go into the middle of my timeline. Is there anyway to insert a composite and have the other clips "ripple" to the right automatically? Thank you for your help so far 

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