Moving clips by less than a second

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Looking around online, I've seen tutorials and instructions saying that you can semi synch audio by dragging to the nearest frame. But whenever I try to synch my clips, they only move by a full 24 frames at a time. I can only place the white cursor line on the timeline on the second intervals. Period and comma, which I've read should move it frame by frame, move it by a full second. Am I missing something? 



Nevermind, I eventually figured it out. The timeline view mode had to be in frames. 


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    The timeline view mode has no bearing on how the time marker moves. I never change the view mode to frames, yet using comma and period shortcuts always move by individual frames (the last value in the time indicator is frames, not seconds). Perhaps you're holding the Shift key? That modifier with comma and period moves in 10-frame chunks.

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