Trouble With Mocha Tracking

thedragonfilmmaker88 Posts: 81 Just Starting Out
edited July 2018 in HitFilm

I am getting really frustrated here... So for about a hour, I've been attempting to do a Mocha track with some footage to test out 3D stuff in Hitfilm. I have three splines laid out, all of which are tracked. With my splines tracked, I went to go through a camera solve, but not only did I get 0%, but it would constantly fail, I set up my solve as small parallax change(it was hand-held footage), a focal length of 35-70mm, and some zooming, I hit camera solve, but an error message popped up, telling me to either select more layers, or fix the focal length. I tried both, but nothing seemed to work! What am I doing wrong?! I want to get this exported and have some fun with 3D models, but I seem to be doing something wrong.

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