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So it's been a while since I asked for suggestions on how to improve my YouTube channel's quality, I took some of the feedback I got then and tried my best to up its condition. I'd love to hear some new ideas on how to improve it, you can find it here: 


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    I'm going to presume that you have a very strong interest in video creation/film making.   based on this assumption, I'm also going to assume that you also seek out and watch what other youtubers are doing in the same genre .   Being honest, ask yourself if your product is at the same level of those who have 500K subs.  

    Only put on your page that which you think is the highest quality.    Most viewers decide in a mater of seconds whether they will or will not return to your channel. 

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    If you're familiar with Film Learnin', Grant did a series on setting up a YouTube channel that was helpful. Not about channel content, but presentation - how best to lay out your page and organize material. He also has good discussions on branding worth a watch... As a small example your thumbnails are kind of a mess. The style keeps changing from video to video and that style you use on the videos with several cluttered panes doesn't work on a phone. They're just messy. I'm not great at thumbnails either, so I stole a page from Hitfilm's channel. There's a lower third with easy to read text, a single background and Javert or Axel smiling. Conventional wisdom holds that a smiling face with eye contact will draw in the viewer... I don't want to stick my mug on all my vids (I stopped after two), so I use an image and a lower third with easy to read text. 

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    @Triem23 Yes, I've heard of Film Learnin' and definitely enjoy allot of his content. As for the thumbnails, I'm not quite sure what I'm thinking, I think I'll work to creating a template for not only consistency between tutorials but to simplify my thumbnails. Thanks for the feedback!