Action Essentials 2

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If anyone's interested, I'm selling my 1080p copy of Action Essentials 2. Starting at $0.99 on eBay and free shipping.


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    I'm pretty sure the picture you have up there syas "720p" and as far as I'm aware, they don't offer a "1080p" version but rather a "2k" version (which is only slightly larger than 1080p). Second, is it within the license agreement for you to sell it? Just curious because for all anyone knows, you could still have the footage on your computer, and are just reselling the DVDs. I would be surprised if this wasn't somehow banned in the license agreement you signed to get the pack.


    6. You may not sell, sublicense, loan, give, or transfer any part of the contents to a
    third-party, except where defined in section 4 regarding finishing studios.
                                                          -         -          -
    4. The Contents may not be transferred to a third party through networked computers
    or other methods. However a finished locked edit may be transferred to a finishing
    studio for the purpose of broadcasting or film-out. The studio may not reuse these
    files for other productions.
    End User License Agreement from

    Just found this.