Crashed again

I was tooling with some footage, basic stuff, and Hitfilm has crashed twice on me. 

I don’t have a lot of effects on or anything. Curves, sharpen, and color temp are the only things I had on a clip. 

Any idea why? 


  • And again. 

    I just tried creating a comp shot. Hitfilm closed on me. 

    Brand new laptop. 

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    Wanna give us some system and hardware specs on your brand new laptop?   Which version of HF?  Express or Pro?

    Your machine may be new, but you'll definitely want to confirm that you are on the latest driver for your GPU (assuming it is capable of handling HF).

    Minimum requirements for Express:

    Minimum requirements for Pro:


  • Ok then, here it is:

    2017 MacBook Pro 


    intel HD 630 graphics 

    intel core i7

    as far as the Hitfilm version, my guess is the latest one. I just reinstalled it a few days ago. 

  • I am experiencing the same problem but it happens when i export my project or add an effect.

    My specs do meet the requirements, my graphics card is a GTX 1050, i have 8GB of ram and 2.80 GHZ and an Intel core i7 7700HQ.

    Please help me out. 

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    Two separate requests in this thread. I'll comment on one of them.

    "I am experiencing the same problem but it happens when i export my project or add an effect."

    I don't have this happen with any project I have.

    Export and just adding an effect are completely unrelated tasks so maybe we should isolate to one item and try to deal with that. I would say try to isolate the issue with "add and effect"

    "Please help me out. "


    We need a lot information on exactly what you are doing. Every detail matters.

    Can you come up with a sequence of steps someone can try to reproduce your problem. Even with specific steps to reproduce other may not reproduce your crash(es). It could be a problem with your specific machine/installation.

    For example, with "add an effect". Does it crash immediately when adding or when playing after adding. What are the specifics of the media on the timeline that the effect is added to. What specific effect, or is it any/all effects. What are the timeline specs (frame size, rate, editor or composite timeline). Are there any masks on the layer if a comp timeline.

     The most common "fix" to a lot of issues people have is to update their video and audio drivers. You should try that first.

    If you are on a laptop, and you might be given your listing of a 7700HQ CPU, make sure Hitfilm is using your better GPU, the 1050. On a laptop with the integrated GPU and an external GPU, and both have video drivers installed, at time the two can get into a fight with each other and cause compatibility problems.

    Finally, if you are getting actual crashes, you might be best off contacting support. They are the best ones to help with physical crashes.

  • Any Mac users know how I can use just my external GPU? 

    Somebody explained it to me when I first got my new MacBook. But, as some know, I exchanged it...for the one I have now. 

    NormanPCN, to your question:

    for the first couple crashes I honestly can’t remember what exactly I was doing....I probably went to click on the timeline somewhere.  It just happened so fast.

    As I stated before, there were maybe three effects on the clip. The clips were all set at 23.—whatever it is, originally recorded at 60fps. So I was doing the slow motion thing. No layers. 

    The other time it crashed, I had just made a composite shot. I labeled the composite shot and Hitfilm quit. Poof. 

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    @Hitfilmer128619 My question was more related to the other person who jumped into your thread, but it is applicable to both.

    Again, before you do any of this make sure your drivers are current. Another good things is to disable/remove any resident tools/utilities/software running while Hitfilm is running. Especially software that is GPU related.

    To your points.

    "As I stated before, there were maybe three effects on the clip."

    Is the issue 100% repeatable. Repeatable at at percentage? If yes, then if you remove/disable one or more of the effects does the behavior change. If the crash happens in playback of a certain timeline clip, then if you recreate the project with just that clip, with the same effects and adjustments exactly, does it still crash. This question attempts to isolate if the problem can be reproduced with a single item. Most times multiple items need to exist, but hey, go for the "easy" things first. A simple way to do this would be to take your project and do a save as to and new/unique filename. Close and open Hitfilm and the project and start whittling the project down to the minimum that reproduces the project. It is best to always close and open Hitfilm after each whittle and save as sequence. If this sounds like a bit of a pain it can be.

    If something is reproducible then just ZIPing up the project and media and giving it to support is the easiest path. Whittling can reduce the number of media files needed and thus reduce the result ZIP file size for you to give them. Then you hope it crashes on their machine(s). 

    "The clips were all set at 23.—whatever it is, originally recorded at 60fps."

    This sounds like you were setting the media frame rate in the media panel. Is frame rate you set exactly the same as the frame rate of the timeline (editor or composite as applicable). If you remove the media panel override of the frame rate does the crash disappear. You say no layers, so this sound like the editor/NLE time is used for this case. Does the clip for the timeline have both audio and video? I ask because the media panel frame rate override only changes only the video playback rate and not the audio. 

    "The other time it crashed, I had just made a composite shot. I labeled the composite shot and Hitfilm quit. Poof. "

    I don't like the sound of that. A rename is a trivial thing. Things like this often point to a memory clobber/corruption from something else. Maybe even something you did many minutes ago (many separate actions). Things like this we can never remember a sequence of steps to reproduce. If this sounds like it would be hard to diagnose, it is. The worst kind of issue. If can even be situations where you were running something else like a game, and then later editing the result without a reboot in between. Situations can arise where one app using the GPU can make the video driver unstable and a later app like Hitfilm is the one that gets the punch in the stomach even though it was being a nice and friendly fellow (so to speak). It this sounds ugly, it is. That is why I said I did not like the sound of a simple layer/media panel item rename getting a crash.

    Again, the question comes to is something reproducible/repeatable at some reasonable percentage rate. You cannot fix or deal with issues you cannot reproduce.


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     "Any Mac users know how I can use just my external GPU? 

    Somebody explained it to me when I first got my new MacBook. But, as some know, I exchanged it...for the one I have now." 

    I assume you have the same type of machine you listed in your previous thread here: - If so, these 2 links should clarify how your Mac uses  the discrete graphics processor (GPU) or an integrated GPU.

    Determine which graphics processor is in use on your MacBook Pro

    Set graphics performance on MacBook Pro

  • Thanks GrayMotion. 

    NormanPCN, I guess that’s the biggest problem. It’s happened randomly and there’s no real way to measure its occurance. I don’t think I can troubleshoot it scientifically. It can’t, to my knowledge, be replicated, because it just...happened. I wish I had the answers you’re looking for, like “every time I do THIS, with THAT going on, Hitfilm crashes on me”.

    I know there’s a lot going on with this software. And I understand that it could be a milllon different things. But I don’t think it should be happening with my current situation. I’m talking BASIC stuff here. Simple test of some footage I got crazy comps, or layers, or a dozen different effects. No large files. I unlinked the audio and removed it (since its slow motion stuff). Nothing running in the background. This is the laptop I bought solely for editing video...I don’t do any gaming or anything like that. 

    I think if I were loading this thing down and going pretty hard I could understand a crash every now and then. But this is just aggravating. I don’t think I’m wrong expecting Hitfilm to hold up with the small project I have going on.  

    I did get back at it for a little while earlier today with no issues. So I don’t know...

    it just sucks that this even happened. 

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    @Hitfilmer128619 "I think if I were loading this thing down and going pretty hard I could understand a crash every now and then."

     I can understand the concept of "loading this thing down" and that causing problems more than. That of course is true in circumstances but it's more of a movie/tv type concept in general. Also, 10 effects is not necessarily more loaded than just once effect.

    "But this is just aggravating. I don’t think I’m wrong expecting Hitfilm to hold up with the small project I have going on.  "

    Is is not wrong to expect Hitfilm to hold up. On anything. You are making a basic assumption that your hardware, operating system, drivers and all the configuration that goes with that, cannot be the issue. You don't know that.

    At this point the source of the issue is unknown.

    Since you have reported some widely varying and unrelated crashes I am much more inclined to look at the installation than Hitfilm itself.  That means double, triple check that everything is as okay as can be reasonably tested/checked. That's my view, at this point in time, with what I have to go on. You seem to have pretty random crashing going with some ultra common functions all us users of Hitfilm constantly and frequently use (media/comp/layer rename). But really, what the hell do I know.

    Hitfilm is pretty stable IMO. The Dog is wagging the tail, and not the other way around. Of course there are bugs. Known and reproducible bugs that are yet to be fixed. Unknown bugs yet to be reported. 

    As background info (if you are interested)

    Here is an example of something Hitfilm related that was 100% reproducible on my specific machine but none of the forum users, and an FxHome staffer, could reproduce.

    Here is something Vegas related from a long time ago (2014). An actual Vegas developer (Dolan) did pop in with some info on his attempt to reproduce with my supplied project file. It showed something that was a pretty frequent occurrence on my machine (at the time) and not reproducible by forum users or an extremely infrequent occurrence.

  • Again, just now. 

    I had just exported a small “in-out” portion of a clip...about 5 seconds, just to get a good look at the image. 

    As soon as I clicked out of the export window to go back to editing hitfilm disappeared. 

    No idea. 

    I didn’t even have this many crashes with my old laptop. 

  • So how do I go about “testing” and checking? If it’s even possible to dumb it down even further for me. 

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     Just a thought-  Have you tried rolling back a version and seeing if the problem is still there ?

    You can get earlier versions here:

    Edit: I'm going to share my experience with you. I don't have a MacBook Pro but rather the iMac I use with Hitfilm is on a Late 2013 27" inch,  a Nvidia 755m with 1 gig v-ram.  So your MacBook Pro is more powerful than my iMac and to tell you the truth I can hardly work with version 8 or 9 on my iMac. Hitfilm is acting like a resource hog for some reason? Now if I drop back to Hitfilm 4 my machine does pretty well (by comparison). I do almost nothing but pretty heavy 3D with lots of VFX so I would think that is a heavier load than just working with video and coloring????...but I digress.

    That's why I suggest rolling back an up date or 2 (if you can). I wouldn't think it's your machine since you've had multiple machines acting in the same manner


  • I guess I can give it a try.

    how to I go about getting an earlier version? 

    I honestly thought the updates just override everything. I logged onto Hitfilm, clicked install, and that was pretty much it. I didn’t even read what version it was. 

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    Well, last year I would have said "I hope you backed up your old installers," but the Hitfilm Update History page has download links for Hitfilms 4 (Update 1) and up, so you can revert by downloading older installers from there. Note the current version has a big, blue DOWNLOAD button while the rest have small, blue download text. You'll see them. For Express your choices are 8.0, 8.1 and 9, or going back to the last Update of Express 2017 (5.7, I think?)

    EDIT: looks like Hitfilm Pro updates go back to 4.1, Express only to 8.0. It's a work-in-progress page... But you should be able to grab the last Express 2017 Update from your own Account page. 

  • @triem23 thanks.

    I guess this takes me back to previous questions I had about installing on new devices. 

    So I should uninstall this version and reinstall an earlier version? 

    Mans my account will recognize this computer? 

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    Can you post a MediaInfo report here of your typical source media files. (full text report)

    This is one of the first things to look at. Is there anything that might be uncommon about the media.

    I ask this because back in the Hitfilm 4 days I ran across a situation where Hitfilm sailed itself with AVC media of a certain type (All-Intra). It could cause random crashes, but in my working with support I eventually did get them to reproduce a crash on project open. A simple test sequence.

    The crash was infrequent and they said it would probably be a low priority. The crash was infrequent but corruption was commonly visible (thumbnails, 70+% of the time, for me, Windows).

    I noticed I still have the test project/folder and this problem is still there in the current Hitfilm. I only tried about 5 times. The corruption is there (2 of 5) but I did not get the crash on open. I did not try edit operations after open to see if anything else went wonky.

    A corrupt thumbnail may seem innocuous but I don't trust corruption issues. Is anything else beyond the thumb being corrupted.

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    @HitFilmer128619 When updating to new versions, are you uninstalling the old one first? I ran into a problem a while back when this became an issue. Even though the instructions specifically said to uninstall the old version, I didn't, and began having random issues with the software. After I uninstalled it, then installed it again, all was well.

    NOTE: this wasn't a problem previously because each version of HitFilm was unique (i.e. HitFilm 4 Pro vs HitFilm Pro 2017). However, as of last fall, it just became HitFilm Pro, with each update overwriting the previous one, which (I believe) was when the uninstall recommendation began coming into play.

  • @Jsbarrett it’s a new computer. 


  • I’m going to uninstall HitFilm Pro from my laptop, but I’m stalling. 

    Not sure which previous version to download. I just don’t want to be uninstalling and installing this stuff. 

    Do you think version 7 or 7.1 would do?  

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