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I was using express 2017 did i up graded to 2018, but i like how i can place multiple audio tracks on 2017 and 2018 keeps taking away the audio from my videos when i drag an audio track in place. My problem is i cannot use 20117 express anymore on my win7. It prompts me to send a error message. I want to edited my game footage with 2017 until i learn how to put multiple audio tracks onto 2018. Can anyone show me how i can use 2017 back on my LP win7 please?


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    I'm guessing by "2018" you're referring to either version 8 or 9 of HitFilm Express (starting with v8, the year is no longer part of the program name; it's just "HitFilm Express")

    That aside, all versions let you use multiple audio tracks in the Editor timeline, so I'm not sure what issue you're running into.  Could you take a video screen capture showing the problem and post the link here?

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    "...until i learn how to put multiple audio tracks onto 2018"

    I would also add, that the current Hitfilm is exactly the same as previous Hitfilm versions in this regard.

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    OK i figured out how to add multiple audio and video tracks. I have to simply drag a new video track above the existing video track and the app will add another field to use. I was confused because in the previous version the layers was preset. This new feature adds and deletes the layers as needed. I guess  to take up less space. Thanks all. I figured it out.


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