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I cant get the back wall/plane to react to any kind of lighting at all - ive tried everything:

Ive toggled the Illuminated switch and played with all the material settings.
Ive tried it with Spot, Point, Directional and Ambient settings.

eveyrthing esle works great with lighting (see my video) attached...the floor, ceiling and walls are great, but that bloody back wall reacts to nothing.  (the vaulted section is actually not part of the back wall - its a layer object). Ive tried getting rid of it in case it was 'blocking' something, but no effect.This has been the case so often, i'm clearly missing something.

Ive watched all the available tutorials on the Hit Film page over and over....but to no avail


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    First off, fun video. :)

    Regarding the back wall, it looks like it's receiving and reacting to light to me. What I'm not seeing on it, though, are shadows. Is that what you're talking about? If not, then maybe I'm missing something, because I'm seeing plenty of light on that back wall that looks similar to the light on the side walls in terms of intensity, color, etc. Just no shadows.

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    Thanks @jsbarrett

    Yes - i cheated somewhat with the flares. If i turn all the flares off, but keep the light on - the back wall doenst react to any lights, nor does it alter when i change 'material settings.'. To make it dark i had to adjust its opacity to get any effect at all. Its something i see a lot when i do this technique: Let's say i want to make the 'tunnel' moody - floor walls and ceiling all react to a spot light (say)... but the back wall remains as bright as it was. I can cheat by adjusting opacity.... but other than that, I'm flummoxed. Even altering the reach and intensity of the light doesnt do anything. Ambient doenst do anything to it either. Itreains all the brightenss and contrats of the source. And indded, no shadows or 'penumbra' of the light being used.

    I'll try to do screen cap vid to show what i mean a bit better. I was just wondering if theres a really simple error i'm making that no one else does.

    BTW: the back wall isnt a camera projection... its a layer placed where the grid/plane would be projected.... but i cant see that would make much difference, as spider is just a layer, and he looks great.

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    Do you have a grade layer or a video/photo layer in 2D between the back wall's layer and the light layers? 

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     hey @Triem23.

    Got it sussed. all fixed.  I 'turned off' the background image source (whihc iw as using a layer in 3d space) , and then created a new plane and used the projector to project from it into the new plane. VOILA! All lights working , shadows everywhere - super duper....It now looks like a very seedy 'specialist' club one might find in the depths of Soho in the 1980s. (am told).

    Thanks for replying both of you. <3

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