Importing Simulations into Hitfilm from Blender

So, I recently began to delve into some simulations in Blender with the intention of dropping it into Hitfilm for a finished composite. The sim is a rough rectangular prism that I UV mapped a door texture onto. There is a rough figure that goes through the door, which I splintered using the cell fracture feature. The splinters have a broken wood texture on the sides that were not initially facing outward, which I applied in the material option in the cell fracture menu. I exported the animation and FBX file the way that was done in this video:

The door imports correctly when inside Hitfilm without the ABC file, with the shapes and textures on the splinters being in the correct spot. However, once I apply the ABC, the textures seem to rearrange, The texture of the outside, normal door is completely disregarded and the whole door looks like whatever diffuse map I have applied to the splinter area. This is what it looks like:

Blender Version:

Hitfilm Version:

This seems to be an issue with how I'm exporting the alembic, so if anyone has any ideas as to how I need to tweak some options, it would be greatly appreciated 

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