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Hitfilm's editor previewing is inefficient, and the compositing pre-render previews is too slow for the first step of trimming & placing clips for large projects (doable, but tediously time consuming). So, I'm hoping to use some other free software for that, and export/import into Hitfilm Express. Is that possible? Can Hitfilm Express import project files other than HFCS? What about the "Quicktime Import" for video, does that include basic project data (I've never been clear on what Quicktime is entirely)? Can any other software export HFCS (or Quicktime project export, if that's a thing)? Shotcut/Openshot/Fusion 9/Natron/Kdenlive/Cinelerra/something else?

In another software, I can trim/choose placement, then extend/separate the clips, render as 1 video, & cut/edit finish in Hitfilm, if need be, but I'm desperately hoping that's unneeded; can't seem to gather a definitive answer.

Additionally, just in-case anyone reading happens to know - which software would you recommend for speed of trim & placement, using 2GB Ram + UMA Intel Integrated Graphics Card + approx. 500GB HDD; Shotcut, Openshot, Kdenlive, Cinelerra, Fusion 9, or other? (learning curves aside; I already tinker in Fusion, & the others seem basic/intuitive for me).


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    Hitfilm can not import EDLs from any other NLE, or Export for that matter. 

    I note if your computer has 2GB of RAM you are under minimum specs to run Hitfilm to begin with. 

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    Thank you very much; that's a bummer.

    Yeah, I know; I'm under minimum for everything, usually by a much more drastic amount. Hitfilm previews many piled effects smoother than any other software on my PC, just not faster for plain footage, which is odd & a first.

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    Hitfilm is a later development from programners that started on products that were VFX specific. Forum mods aren't FXHOME staff, so what I'm about to say is partially factual- Hitfilm is OpenGl based-and partly speculative- I think Hitfilm's video/pictures media are actually textured 3D planes locked to the camera and autoscaling to fill frame.

    Somewhere in Hitfilm's code is the cause of the oddity - Hitfilm is pretty fast at most FX compared to other programs, but slower at basic video scrolling. 

    Something to consider is using another program for basic edits but using Hitfilm to create animations and FX shots to export and move to the other editor. Many Hitfilm users, including me, do that. 

    I'm not hand-on familiar with the other software you've mentioned, so I can't advise there. Sorry again. 

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    I have to ask (and am surprised that @Triem23 didn't): are you transcoding your footage before editing? If not, you might consider it. Files that use a format/codec combo that's designed for editing (not viewing) work MUCH more smoothly in HitFilm. Even on an underpowered machine, you'll probably see an improvement.

    If you're not familiar with transcoding, here's a video I strongly recommend watching (also from the mind of @Triem23 ):

  • Oh, I didn't expect to get any more responses to this, just seeing these replies.

    Interesting! Too bad Hitfilm isn't good at basic scrolling too, it'd be the best of both worlds.

    Well, my actual preference would be to use Davinci Resolve 15 & Fusion 9 (which are now integrated). However, due to my poor system, DR15 crashes upon adding any media, and Fusion just wasn't adequate on it's own for large scale projects (I'll be switching to them when I upgrade PC's within the next 2 years).  I considered using another software with Fusion, but rendering back & forth is too tedious, nor are there free plugins like Ignite Express available for other free software. So, I need something that can suffice in the meantime. I make original content of which I could easily do with Fusion + Hitfilm, but I also, & more often make fandom montages (FMs), where there's dozens of clips all transitioning to one another. There isn't always high compositing in FMs, but I always want fancy effects, which I can only get with Hitfilm. With FMs I often derive small clips from a large variety of long videos, making transcoding more time consuming & unhelpful.

    So, I'm just going to use something simple to cut & time clips to music, render it out, (maybe transcode that) slice it up in Hitfilm, and further edit from there. I've already started such a project, and have actually ran into an issue, which I'll mention/ask about here as I suspect it's has a simple solution:
    I've timed/edited clips within a 15 second time frame, over 15 seconds of music. When previewing in Hitfilm, it fits perfectly. However, after I export it; the output video has the music accurately lasting 15 seconds, but the video is stretched out, spanning a total of 20 some seconds. Any idea what's causing it? [editing in compositing mode, btw].

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    Sounds like a time code mismatch, like you edited at 30fps at output at 24fps.

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