Is there a way to keep all the video tracks synced when doing Ripple Edit?

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Hello! Is there a way to keep all the tracks synced when doing Ripple Edit?

Screenshot of the problem

I am editing footage of a running event. Currently I have all the material from start to finish on tracks "Video 1" and "Audio 1". 

I have added the kilometer count on a separate track named "Kilometers" and also editing notes on Planes on the hidden track named "Notes".  The kilometers I'd like to have on the final export, but the notes are just temporary markers.

My problem is this: 

If I do ripple edits to the track "Video 1" (for example shorten clips or add an intro clip to the beginning), the contents of "Video 1" and "Audio 1" get moved as they should. But all the other video tracks stay where they are and the sync between them and the main video track is ruined. 

Is there a way to make ripple edits to one track and keep the other tracks synced?


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    Select both the "video" clip you want to modify AND the "Kilometer" one whose length has to be adjusted (probably the one above). Then ripple-edit the"video" clip. That should work

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