A short Lego movie I made about time travel using hitfilm express. Hope you enjoy!


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    I really enjoyed it. I like the time travel effect, voice acting and the fact the story suggested Time Travel was a complicated pain to cope with. Good job.

    n.b. I did have a problem with some of the voices being low. Turning up the volume meant the SFX were too loud. People have commented here that sometimes my voices are lost when they sound fine to me. 

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    Fun piece!  I remember seeing your work before. Very smooth animation style. I gotta admit with @DafterThings , though, re: the level of the dialog in a few places.  Curious what your process is when making these. Do you edit audio as part of the final assembly, or do you do an audio edit first and then cut picture to that?

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    @DafterThings, LordRing @jsbarrett.

    I recommend downloading a program called Levelator. It's no longer in development but it does one thing very well - normalize dialog. 

    You'll need a WAV file of your dialog mix, and, since Hitfilm doesn't currently output audio only this also means an external audio editor to strip audio from a video file (Audacity is free!). 

    The best way to set up an audio dump from Hitfilm is to create a custom export profile where "render video" is off. This renders fast (no video, right?) and gives audio on black. This would load to the audio editor to be resaved as a WAV. The WAV would be dragged into the Levelator window. Levelator will do its thing and give you an output file you'd bring back to Hitfilm.

    But Levelator is so good at what it does its worth the extra steps. Your dialog tracks will all be equalized in level and made nice and loud without manual mixing. I guarantee this saves time. :) 

  • @jsbarret I do the voice acting & audio as a final stage at the moment, but I’m going to change that in my later videos and do the voice acting first on a program like audacity, because this would help me when animating, and hopefully create a more levelled audio sound. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Definitely go with recording audio first. I use Audacity and sometimes change the pitch to adjust the voices a little. That sometimes shortens/lengthens the clip so I do all that before animating as well.

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    Really enjoyed that.  Very clever. Great work.