'Process finished unexpectedly'

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I'm trying to export a project and every time I try it reaches 5% and then says ERROR and 'process finished unexpectedly,' any help?


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    Let's start with your system specs. Cpu, GPU, OS RAM and storage. Are all your drivers current - GPU/audio. Is your windows current with all updates? What format is your source video. What kinds of effects are in your project? 

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    Edit: Never mind. Mike and I double-posted the same request at practically the same time. :)

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    I don't think it's anything to do with my PCsince I have exported videos from HitFilm previously and I sent the project and all the media to my friend so he could try and export it on his computer (which is considerably better than mine) yet it still got stuck at 5% and he got the same message.

    I have basic transitions, audio and a few composite shots. The clips I'm using are all .mp4 and the images are either .png or .jpg.

    All my graphic drivers are up to date, I'm currently installing some windows 10 updates.

    Thanks guys!


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    Which version of HitFilm Express are you using? If you've upgraded to version 9, you can take advantage of the preview during export to see exactly which part of your project is exporting when that error occurs. Chances are it's going to be in a composite shot, which might help you track down the problem. It could be a specific effect you're using, which you can isolate by process of elimination.

    If the export failure does happen while exporting a composite shot, confirm it by exporting just that comp. If it confirms, narrow down the layer in that comp by hiding all layers except one and exporting that. Repeat until you've found the problem layer, then do the same with the effects on that layer.

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