Alternative solution to audio synchronisation!

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Hi there!

Unfortunately, I couldn't synchronise my video and audio. The reason as I understood from the forum is that the audio format of my video is not supported by Hitfilm (My video is MTS and my audio is Dolby AC3). Thus, the auto synchronisation function couldn't work. Kindly asking you to help with the following: 

1-) How can I find away around this (either in Hitfilm or externally) taking into consideration that I am really a beginner and preferably with free to use software. 

2-) I am trying to synchronise the audio and video manually in Hitfilm but what hinders me is that I am unable to move the video/audio files in the editor section in a very slow pace (Decisecond or Centisecond) to match each other.  Is that possible? 

Really appreciate your help. 



  • FilmSensei
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    I would first consider the idea of transcoding your footage into a fixed frame rate. I personally use Handbrake, but there are some other alternatives as well. Take a look at these videos...

  • CleverTagline
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    @FilmSensei has the right idea. However, just so you're aware, even with transcoded footage the only option for adjusting timing of either audio or video tracks on the Editor timeline is frame by frame. Other increments aren't currently supported in HitFilm.

  • Triem23
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     Required Option: "Formats Pack" add-on. It's $10 but adds AC-3 support. AC-3 is a licensed codec with royalties paid out which is why it's a paid add-on. You can grab that from the store. 

    Otherwise, besides transcoding, you could use Audacity (free) to sync audio manually.