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I have upgraded my hardware and now the very same projects (same media files) that were playing just fine (realtime) on the old rig play in the preview with 1-2fps max.

The old machine was desktop AMD FX8150 with GTX1060 and 32GB of RAM, running windows 10 pro.

The new is MSI GS65 - Intel 8750H with GTX1070 MaxQ (and Intel UHD630) and 16GB of RAM, running same windows 10 pro, with SSD storage.

I have ensured that HitFilm runs on NVidia card. I have updated all drivers. I have ensured that laptop runs in performance/gaming mode and is not throttled.

System monitor show up that during playback CPU is at ~20% of use, and GPU is barely used at all (not surprising, I'm just doing edits). Preview, even with 25% resolution, runs with 1-2FPS. Final render, on the other hand, runs just fine and finishes in seconds. 

At current rate HitFilm is not usable for me. Please advise.



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    Your specs seem to be fine... What version of Express are you running? The newest version is 9 where you can adjust the playback resolution (I can't make up out of your comment if you adjusted it).

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    I'm running 9.0.7813.7206. I have noticed the problem with quarter playback resolution and fastest quality. Curiously, playback in the trimmer is also affected.

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    I suggest you contact support. Your new hardware is faster (but not as much as you think. A 1070, Max Q is exactly the same speed as a desktop 1060, and that i7 isn't that much faster than the FX8150).  Hitfilm didn't get massively slower with the 9.0 update. So, first guess is it's something in software on your new machine. Support will be able to work with you better to determine what's going on. There are literally hundreds of variables at play here, and users in the forums (mods are users, we don't work for FXHOME) can basically give the basic "make sure your drivers and OS" are current, but then it becomes guesswork. Here come guesses and examples. 

    You dropped half your RAM. That could have an effect since Win 10 and Hitfilm alone are probably taking up 8GB. If you have a 4GB RAM preview cache that's leaving Hitfilm 4GB to run - down from an estimated 16-20 GB on your prior machine (I'm assuming your old machine has more RAM allocated to the RAM preview). This might mean your laptop is paging cache files all the time, which would slow things down.

    Different RAM has different speeds. If your old machine used 2166MHZ RAM and the laptop is 1600MHZ RAM then you have lost any power advantages you had from the new CPU. Yes, your new machine might actually end up being slower than the old one. 

    What's the SSD? Not all SSDs are the same speed. My laptop has m2 SSDs for drive C and D. These are cheap OZD drives. My E drive is a Samsung that's twice as fast as the OZDs.

    Do you have different Antivirus on your new machine? Some Antivirus programs scan every file every time they are accessed. Obviously that's a potential massive slowdown.. 

    Check your Nvidia management software. Hitfilm SHOULD be grabbing the 1070, but maybe it's trying to grab the Intel GPU instead. 

    You said "exact same media," but, out of curiosity, what format are the video files? Cineform performs much better than mp4. 

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    Thanks for the reply, I will contact support with this.

    I just tested the very same project on my old machine and new one, and FX can handle full resolution preview with final quality with no problem, while on MSI it stuggles even with fastest/quarter.

    As for your performance assessment - I don't think SSD is a issue here, it's Samsung MZVLW512HMJP, capable of  1600 MB/s sequential write. I also have first-hand performance tests from CPU and GPU insensitive operations (Blender 3d renders, tensorflow CUDA, compiling software) and I assure you that this particular GPU is roughly 30% faster than my previous 1060 (based on render speed), and CPU is roughly 200% faster. This should not be an issue, specially since it's hardly used - I have peak CPU usage at 20% when running HitFilm.

    I ensured that HitFilm runs at NVidia - it actually started on Intel and changing this was a first thing I did. I don't use any special antivirus software besides standard Windows Defender.  I have disabled it temporarily, it changed nothing.

    Files are mp4/H264 in 1080p.

    Again, thanks for your efforts @Triem23 - I will attempt to resolve this issue via support. Should I succeed, I will be sure to post a solution here.

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    I managed to resolve the problem by:

    1. Setting HitFilm to be using NVidia GPU in NVidia Control Panel
    2. Un-installing and re-installing HitFilm Express

    It seems that something GPU-specific is set during installation process and it does not change later - when you switch GPU in NVCP. Re-installing resolves the issue completely.

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    Thanks for sharing the solution!

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