Erratic "bug": sound track files sometimesd stop playing back in the Editor

JBaymore Posts: 354 Enthusiast

I have a new "bug" I'm seeing sometimes.

I have a project that I am editing.  It has an added track for sound effects and also one for the music soundtrack.

Sometimes when I load the project in to work on it, one or the other of the sound track files does not play.  It shows on the editor timeline.....but no sound is happening as the tracks play.

If I reload (so far) the sound seems to come back OK most times on the reload.

It is not 100% of the time.  It is "sometimes".





  • Emma
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     Hi @JBaymore, on the occasions you find you can't hear audio, take a look in the Media panel. If 'Conforming Audio...' is displayed next to a bit of media you have on your timeline, you won't hear audio for it until the media has finished conforming.

    conforming audio

  • JBaymore
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    edited July 2018

    Nope not that.  The audio is ALWAYS fully loaded.  I can ALWAYS see the waveform image on that file in the media import panel.  Usually I can also see the waveform on the track in the timeline.... but sometimes it goes "straight-line" there also.



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