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This is a picture of a scene I am creating for my actors to work in.

I am using 6 different pictures which have the projection effect applied to them and by and large it is working out quite well for my first time ever trying this effect.

The issue I am having is with the ground.  If you look closely you can see a line right in the middle of the set where I've had to duplicate the ground in order to cover the whole set.

The question I have is is there a way that I can blend or blur that line so it doesn't stand out?


Now just for full transparency, I originally composited all 6 pictures into a single PNG then took that into Gimp and then used clone stamp to get rid of that line.
I then followed Simons projector tutorial using that PNG and it worked as advertised.
The reason I opted to try it the other way was I couldn't quite get enough movement and paralax from the scene.

I appreciate any input you might have.


  • tddavistddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,182 Moderator

    @ScottReid Personally, I would try making a duplicate layer and masking the top layer to show only the area in front of the house to left of the line (up to the house only) then sliding that masked area to the right to cover the line and the darker areas until, say just below the first single window,  Then use the feather edges to blend it it a bit more if possible.  Also, it might help to blend a bit to flip it horizontally so the edges are mirrored.

  • CleverTaglineCleverTagline Moderator Las Vegas, NVModerator, Website User, Ambassador, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,038 Ambassador

    @ScottReid Which version of HitFilm are you using? Pro has a wire removal feature that might help. It essentially lets you mark a line using a pair of points, and automatically fills in the pixels along that line using surrounding image information.  Here's a video of Javert demonstrating how it works to remove an actual wire, but I'm thinking it might also help to remove this seam between images.

    If you don't have Pro, you can purchase the Composite: Toolkit Pack for Express, which includes the Wire Removal tool.

  • ScottReidScottReid Website User Posts: 130

    Thanx guys I appreciate the suggestions.
    I have Pro 9.0 so I'll give that wire removal a try.

  • ScottReidScottReid Website User Posts: 130

    I'm an idiot. 

    All I needed to do was import the original png which I had already cleaned up with the clone stamp in Gimp and use that for the two ground sections.
    WA-LA no more line.

    Thanx for the input anyway. 

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