Hitfilm Pro cuts off the last 20+ minutes of my soundfile

MarioKluser Posts: 126

I'm in the process of rendering my feature of 115 minutes.

When I put the Master WAV-file of the audio on the timeline, it is just a flat line from 1:33:07 until the end.

Yes,  I just updated to the last Hitfilm Pro version.

I also can play the file in any other player. It's complete.

Anybody with an idea on that?


  • JBaymore
    JBaymore Posts: 354 Enthusiast

    I've had some weird "sound related bugs" lately too.  Version 8.1

    Sound files in the editor timeline sometimes play just fine...... and sometimes don't.  I reload the project...and they come back.



  • MarioKluser
    MarioKluser Posts: 126

    I did a work around by putting the last 20 minutes as a separate file into the project.

    Then I discovered a new bug:

    While the large sound file hasn't any problems outside of Hitfilm, there are here and there hard snapping sounds when it is in the project. Again I put the portion where it occurred as a smaller sound file in the project and the problem is gone. After rendering again for more than 4 hours, I notice that there are more snapping noises in the parts where the large file is in place. So I have to make some more smaller files and put them into the project to fix that and after that I need to render again for hours.

    It seems in some way Hitfilm can't handle large sound files.

    I wonder if there are more people who do a feature length project with Hitfilm Pro.

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