How to move audio level keyframes with clip

I searched the forum and couldn't find this anywhere.  I am hoping there is a simple solution here.

Here's the problem: I add a couple audio level keyframes (say to quiet down some background noise and then bring the level back up after the noise has passed).  Then If I move the clip, the level edits stay in the same place while the clip moves in the time line. 

Is there a way to link the audio levels to the clip so they move together?

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  • NormanPCN
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    It sounds like you are using the track volume keyframe bar and not the clip volume keyframe bar. Clip volume movements move with the clip.

    Here is the clip volume bar being used.

    Here is the track volume bar being used. Notice the track volume icon/button in the track header is blue when enabled.

  • Norman, Thanks that works!  Is it possible to use the mixer or type in the level using the clip volume bar to make more precise changes to the level?

    Thanks again

  • NormanPCN
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    I wish Hitfilm had a simple way for precise NLE keyframe adjustment here. Say like a couple of Vegas like options. A key modifier to allow greater precision in mouse move adjustment or right click quick entry of a precise value.

    The volume bar has a range of +12 to -60. That range is split across the number of pixels in your track height. So real precision is not possible with the Hitfilm UI. What you can do is set the track height to its largest option and make your adjustment then. The taller track height divides the range by a larger number of pixels, thus allowing greater precision.

    The other thing you can do is select a specific audio keyframe (so it is blue), then in the controls panel you can enter a specific value or adjust with the slider. For audio, the volume bar is a visualization of keyframing the audio level property. So you can enter a very specific value. It's just a two or more step process.

  • Making the track height larger does help, thanks again.

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