Snagit and Camtasia from Humble Bundle for $20.00 USD

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I just purchased these software titles plus 5 others for $20 at Humble Bundle. I know many of the YouTube channels use Camtasia to do their tutorials on HitFilm. Since the Camtasia by itself is usually $249.00 usd, this seems like a good opportunity for someone who might be wanting the program (like me) but could not afford it.



  • Palacono
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    Good spot. I log into Humble Bundle fairly regularly, but they buried the lead on this one, barely spotted it even after knowing it was there. "Up Your Game?"

    The rest of the stuff offered is of limited use and some even requires a credit card to register..ummm..No thanks... But Camtasia and Snagit are solid, just need the supplied serial key and are a bargain at the price.

  • BobDiMarzio
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    Thank's for the update.  I had received the email, but foolishly thought it was related to gaming.   I retrieved the email and got camtasia and snagit.      

  • Triem23
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     Well, considering after my disastrous upgrade to Windows 10 Shadow play, BB Flashback and OBS are all now unstable crap that I can't get to record correctly, this might be my channel's savior! 

    (seriously, that last tutorial I did for the Hitfilm channel took 200 hours of fighting with my machine and took twelve recording sessions because of the software issues I'm having.) 

  • DataDesign
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    @Palacono Right, the other items are no use for me except I am interested in the DisplayFusion which says it gives you all the info on using Dual Monitors, which I just invested in. We shall see.

    @BobDiMarzio My first thought also was, "more games stuff" but then I scrolled on down and whoops!

    @Triem23 if it is yours, then it is ours as well. :-)

  • Thomekk
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     Thanks DataDesign,

    Snagit is great. I just took the chance to get a newer version now.
    And Camtasia is also rock solid with his long history. It just was astonishing that it cannot understand ASIO.
    I tried to record screen with guitarplaying inside my DAW, but no - not possible. But probably that's not a usage most of the people will make out of it. Anyways, a great deal.