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From the User Guide, page 29:

"By dragging the vertical white bar you can move the playhead around your timeline. This is
particularly useful if your timeline is currently zoomed in to a specific area, as you can watch
another part of the timeline without having to move or scale your track or layer view."

That explains what I can do, but it does not explain just how I can do it.

Let's say that I have a 30-minute video and the playhead is at zero. I zoom in to a particular frame on the timeline at the 15-minute position and I want to play it in the Viewer window. How can I get the playhead to that frame without having to go back to zero and then dragging it from zero? Is there a shortcut that will move the playhead to the point I am currently looking at?


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    Click on/in the timeline header (the time scale) at the point you want the playhead.

    In the timeline header, the thick handle is what you grab and drag to scrub the timeline.

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    *!Argh!! That's so simple I never would have thought of it. Thank you for your response! I'm going to look through the User Guide to see if I can locate that which you just wrote.

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    That text is from the section of the manual section describing the viewer panel. This has nothing to do with timeline zoom. Also, it is not page 29.

    The manual text about clicking to position the playhead is in the manual section "Using the editor timeline".

    "Along the top of the timeline is the time ruler, representing the duration of your project. Clicking on the time ruler will move the playhead, which defines the current frame, which is displayed in the Viewer"

    Note that you can also click in the viewer duration bar to position the playhead. There are not timescale reference markers so you are kinda guessing as to exact position. But the duration bar always shows the full timeline duration where the timeline scale header only shows the current timeline zoom range.

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