Export Leads to Blue Screen

twhitworth Posts: 120 Just Starting Out*

This has never happened before. All of a sudden when I try to export anything it eats all the memory on my system and blue screens. 

The clip I attempted to export was about 15 minutes long, two video clips with merged sound. No fancy edits, cuts or visual effects, just dropped them on the timeline and clicked export.

Simply opening the program used to do the same (eat all memory and blue screen) so I had a friend help me with increasing page files which seemed to work until I try to export.


I've been using Hitfilm since 3 Express with no such issues, even while taxing my system to a crawl with visual effects. No hardware changes(Used to use win7 ultimate, now using home premium), fresh install, nothing running in the background even.

Any help is supremely appreciated :(


System Specs:
OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Processor: AMD Phenom ii x6 1100T Black Edition
Graphics: ATI Raedeon HD 6850

TL;DR: My system uses all memory and blue screens partway during export where it has never done this before. Been using hitfilm since express 3. Fresh Install, downgraded from 7ultimate  to 7HomePremium.


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