having trouble activating on a new computer

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hi,ive just gotten hitfilm pro on my computer.i already had it on my laptop and the computer one is asking for an activation code but i lost the one for my laptop.Is there any way to find out what your activation code is?I went to the hitfilm online site but that only showed me my previous hitfilm express downloads.


  • Triem23
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    @MANGOD your Hitfilm account page should be showing ALL your activated software. Did you, perhaps, use a different email account for Pro? Your account is tied to your email address.

    Also, In the future please either post a question in an old thread OR create a new thread. Try to avoid doing both as you end up fragmenting your own discussion, or end up with people having to give you the same answer in two locations. Since you've created a new thread for your question, I am going to delete your duplicate post in the other thread so all your answers end up in the same place. :-)

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