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I just was forced to change laptops.  I transferred my composites over through back up but after reinstalling the software, it won' t allow me to open the files citing permissions. Is there a simple way to remedy this as it appears to be the problem with a great many files Thank you for all your assistance!~ It is greatly appreciated!   fyi I will be changing laptops once again very soon & hoping not to have the same problem again when I do switch again.  Crossing fingers will be for the last time.  It's a  Lenovo Legion Y720 with an I7 & GE Force GTX 

Thank you


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    I assume you are on a Windows box?  What you probably have is a permissions mismatch, where on the 1st machine your account was either the administrator or a member of the Administrators group.    Copying the file to the new machine folder should have taken on the attributes of the new folder and but apparently that is not the case.

    So . . . you need to log in as Administrator on the new machine and change the permissions on the folder for "Authenticated Users" to have Modify or add your new user that you log in with to be a member of the Administrators group.  In either case, you will have to log in as Administrator on the new machine.  Chances are  you can login as "administrator" with no password and go about your business.  Otherwise you'll have to take the machine back to the tech who did the upgrade and have them help you. 

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    Sorry I wasn't clear....Both are windows 10  I am only user on both machines  and administrator.  What happened is that I got a new laptop but the windows hello isn't working and despite the fact that Lenovo's machines are top notch ...customer service..not so much...sooo their ultimate solution (& I don't think I need to mention microsoft's "customer support" ) was to send me a new laptop.  I have a large (can't remember the dang name for it but you can backup your laptop to it in order to just backup or transfer files as I have) So when I got the new laptop ...same problem as the first ...except I decided to set it up using a different gmail(the one associated with my xbox since I can play xbox games on this laptop with my xbox controller) Hence where I suspect the issue is arising as it isn't acknowledging that I am the owner of the hitfilm composites ….but I don't know how to make change the file to accept me as the admin(which I am)   so I thought if admin permissions were shut off ...or maybe if I make another user for my other account...but Im trying to keep it simple since Im doing it all again because once again ...they are replacing the machine...ugh! 

    Update 1: I added in my other email to this profile..both are admins as they are still both on the same account...but still unable to access the files ...grrrrrr

    Update 2: Anyone have any ideas how to fix this situation? I was mid project when this happened and now I can't even open the simple pictures that I even use to build my template

    Update 3: I sorted it out...Thank God :) ty for trying to help :) 

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    Please tell us how you sorted it out.


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    @TimeyWimeyGirl7 - Are you able to tell us how you fixed it? Just in case someone else has the problem? Seems like @DataDesign might like to know. :)

  • So sorry I didn’t see this before now.  I am going to have to double check when  I get my laptop back from the repair shop(yep I dropped it and broke the charging port).  I promise to return & update when I do.  Again I apologize for the late response. I have been crazy busy and get wayyyy too much email.  I actually had to redownload hitfilms when I had to switch to my desktop and ended up using my youtube email for it since it’s a tool I use for email.  I have to be super selective what I send there now so the inbox doesn’t get clogged again lol. Be back soon with my response (give me a week then send up smoke signals to [email protected] if u hear nothing) 

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