[Resolved] Accidentally Saved my Editing File and Closed (Activate Backup on Your PC)

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Pretty straightforward yet there is no answer yet that I have found. I am making a video on my trip to Italy and exporting part by part to see the final result of each clip instead of rendering a clip for 20 minutes. Deleted over half the video to export and 45 minutes later close and save not thinking much and as soon as I do it I knew I was in trouble. It is only 1 save away and nothing is in autosave folder (there never is). Thanks!


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    Unfortunately there's no way to recover what you deleted.  The reason you don't find files in the autosave folder is because Autosave doesn't work the way you think it does.  While it does save incremental versions of your project at the interval you specify, those files only exist until the next time you manually save. They're only meant to act as backup recovery points in case HitFilm crashes. If you save successfully, the assumption is that the backups aren't needed, so they're deleted.

    If you're exporting smaller parts of a larger project for testing purposes, you don't need to delete any of your project. Adjust the In and Out marker points in the Editor timeline, and export that marked section.

  • Thank you for your reply. Just talked to technical support and I am lucky to have had a minor problem in the past because I have backups available and I might be able to solve this problem. Thank you for telling me about the in and out on the export never understood what that was for but I will definitely use it from now on.

    Thank you again.

    - Jonathan

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