[Resolved] One or more timelines exceed the maximum dimensions

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I'm using HitFilm 8.1.7729.4522 and I have issue with exporting my video.

I put together 10 short videos (input 2,7k) into 1080p project, change scale of video from 2,7k to Full HD, change speed, add slow motion and after that start exporting there is a communicate: "One or more timelines exceed the maximum dimensions". When I've cut 9 videos and there is only one short video on timeline and I start exporting once again, the communicate is the same BUT when I start new project (also 1080p) and put on timeline only one this short video, there is no issue, I can export.

I suppose that there is a problem with timeline when editing videos, but I don't know what should I change in any properties to export succesfully. 

Waiting for your kind help!


On every Composite Shot just right click then Composite Shot Settings and Match Timeline.


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