Director? Vfx artist?

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I got into hitfilm because I love doing film and currently I'm working on a small production with friends and I am thinking about becoming a film director but with so many people and myself having to act in it. It doesn't give me much directing experience. So then I though about a Vfx artist. So right now I'm balancing out the two. Does anyone have information about inside the job?


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    Or does anyone have any ideas of which one I should be practicing more

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    Being a director is like being the captain of a ship. You have to know all disciplines to tell others what to do.  Basically its a management job with creative control.  So . . . you need to learn all aspects of the process first.  Picking  "VFX Artist" is a good (and fun) place to start.

    But don't overlook lighting and camera setup.  Volunteer to be a "gopher" on a pro shoot and learn what everybody does.  Work your way up to being a grip or production assistant (PA).  Just saying "I'm a Director" doesn't make you one.  You have to put in the hours on shoots and learn the ropes first.

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    how do you volunteer or apply to be a "gopher"?

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    Find local production companies and community sites, look for productions, and volunteer as a Production Assistant (the official job title for "gopher").


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    what @Stargazer54 said...

    being a director is a lot of fun... you get to have no sleep... deal with idiots and stress... lots of stress...


    people think it's point a camera here... action... cut... hey look i'm rich...


    nope.  you need to have a plan and a good working knowledge of everything even if you can't physically do it, you still need to know how things work.  you need to know how to deal with people of all sorts...  how to hone their acting without offending them, how to squeeze a little more out of a shot and be prepared to move on when it's good enough... when to let go because it's not going to happen...  when you need to hold on until you get the shot because ... well... that shot is the point of this story without it there's no story... how to work around issues...
    how to have good people around you who you will rely on

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