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I have just installed the Express Plugin to After Effects. I have a short video made on Clips on the iPhone, where I have filmed a black background, and put an effect on it. I now try to import that clip into AE to remove the black background with Demult, but when I do that, it makes the effect transparent. What do I do?

I have tried to change the blend mode on the clip to Add, it helped very little. 




  • I'm trying to insert pictures, but nothing happens, there is no guide on how to insert pictures.

    I have taken Screenshots on Mac, dragging them into the text editor nothing happens. When trying the Insert Image it only make a ? on the picture - the format it jpg??

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    The note that tells how to insert images into forum posts is in the Everything Else category.

    As you've seen, Demult doesn't just work on pure black and leave everything else alone. It alters the opacity of all pixels based on the lightness of each pixel's color.  If you're familiar with HSL -- Hue, Saturation, and Lightness -- color selection, the Lightness factor is what Demult uses to determine opacity. The lighter the color, the more opaque it becomes.  The less light the color, the more transparent it becomes.

    If you want to key out that black part of your image and leave the rest untouched, try using the Luminance Key effect. Set it to "Key Out Darker" (guessing the name from memory) and adjust the threshold to control the key cutoff.

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