Modeling Tutorials and borrowed models

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Okay, I kn ow this was all done with Blender tutorials for the shield and hammer and downloading the Iron Man models (because there were no well-made tutorials out there that I could understand or follow) and has absolutely nothing to do with Hitfilm but I wanted to show off my results and this was the only place I knew about to do that:

The Helmet model was by  3dinator at

The Arc Reactor was by Jamezzz92 also at

I did the Shield from a Youtube tutorial by a yong fellow  named Scotland Dobson and Thor's Hammer Part 1 was by CGMasters (I purchased the 2nd part which covered all the nice texturing and such.)

Anyway, I hope I'm not violating any rules and you like it.

Edit: I forgot the background is free HDRI lighting the scene from HDRIHaven.




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    @tddavis Looks great!  Bet you learned a ton.

    All looks good but you have some render bugs on the Iron Man helmet.  Sure you don’t have some co-planar polys on there?  Changing the smoothing angle may help a bit. 

    Otherwise, very nice comp!

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    @Stargazer54 Thanks.  I was pretty pleased that it turned out so photoreal.  With the exception of medieval house from a class I am taking, it's my first and really that is mostly the teachers "paint by numbers" instructions.  It is possible the model has an issue but I'll bet it was all me.  All I did was create the texture for that and the ARC reactor and I thought it might be the radial distortion from the Shield tutorial material that I repurposed for it.  I will look into it to see if it's my material or the borrowed model.

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    Whoa dude. Like! :)

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    Looks good, Terry. You're making real Blender progress!

    To nitpick, the CG elements are a bit saturated compared to the background, but this is a test render, so take that as a note for the next project. For a still like this consider using the bg for HDRI but render on a transparent background. Then you can come into Hitfilm with the render and comp into the background with the fg/bg elements on separate layers for color correction. 

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    @spydurhank Thanks muchly.

    @Triem23 Funny you should mention that. :) Actually, that's the way I always comp my stuff together, but this time the Shield tutorial turned me on to using the HDRI to light the scene and reflections all in Blender so I thought what the heck...  I agree that using Hitfilm for the comp gives me much more, or, at least, far easier, control of the layers.  I'll probably go back to that method going forward.

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    Yes. Very nice render sir. I do see a bit of firefly on the shield but not bad. What are your samples and do you use denoise?

    Heh...when you get to rendering for Hitfilm this is the node setup I use for creating the individual passes in case you be interested. ( I bet someone here will correct my way though? ) 

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    • @GrayMotion Thank you for the looksee and especially for the node setup.  It quickly gets into nodes I haven't been exposed to yet, but will no doubt be quite handy indeed.  I thought I noticed them on the shield too, but I believe I was at 256 samples and denoising so I thought maybe it was my imagination.