Ghost Warrior | Sniper Short Film

Just finished up a sniper short that I've been working on! My friend and I thought up a couple of cool scenes and decided to go from there. I'd love to get all your thoughts and critiques on it. Enjoy!


  • DafterThings
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    I really like the it. The filming,. location, props, costume (you have a Ghillie suit?) and music are all very good. I like the attention to detail with the opening text and credits plus the sniper scope. A couple of the effects were below the quality of the rest of the film. I found the bullet holes and bullet-cam took me out of 'reality' a bit too much. I did like the fact we don't see the final impact as well.

    Final thing : The sniper has the accuracy of a Star Wars stormtrooper 

  • This is very good for the most part.  The only things that could've been better for me are some more polished effects, the weren't terrible, but they also weren't amazing. Also with the 'assault rifle' the orange tip was pretty obvious in a few shots, orange tip removal in post is pretty easy, albeit tedious. Just some simple masking and de-saturation. Keep up the great work!


  • rutxer
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    Well done!

    The best: the close up shots of the sniper waiting, great framing and lighting. Also the variety of the shots was nice.

    The good: opening shots, though they could be shorter (and also the fades could be shorter).

    The not so good: the storm trooper shooting out of cover

  • Very good, I loved it, excellent ........ good job