Using the Hitfilm HUD-elements

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Hi guys!

I'm currently making a 3d sci-fi hoverbike and I quickly need to fill some screens with some cool sci-fi elements. I really love the design of the HUD-elements from the Iron Man tutorial, so I was wondering if I'm allowed to use the basic elements to make my own displays.

Thanks in advance,



  • DafterThings
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    Hi @BP7

    I did AND posted the resulting video on these forums without adverse comments. The third part of the HUD tutorials actively encourage people to use the base elements and build upon them. 

    I realise you might want something official from Hitflm themselves but, generally, if Hitfilm provide something to the community for free then they're looking for people to use them. It makes sense for all parties (and I genuinely believe they are nice people  )


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    @DafterThings is correct, users are specifically allowed to use those elements in their own projects. 

    @BP7 is correct for ASKING. 

    Both of you might want to check out the YouTube channel for "Tooshka Training." He has a bunch of old (Hitfilm 2) tutorials, but many are specifically on ways to create HUD elements. Procedural bar graphs, wave displays, ways to create rotating/sliding elements. The graphics Hitfilm gave away as elements with the Iron Man tutorial are a good starting point, but Hitfilm can be used to create more. :) 

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    Awesome, thanks for your quick replies!