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Adam Fackelman
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How do I activate HitFilm? I checked under "My software" and it says Not activated. What do I do to activate it?
I'm assuming it will allow me to export to my computer because the version I have won't let me do that. 


  • SimonKJones
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    When you start the software you should be presented with a screen where you choose between trying the demo or activating the full version. If you're not seeing that and you're on a Mac, do the following:
    Close the HitFilm Program
    Open a Finder Window
    Press CMD+SHIFT+G & type the following ~Library/Application Support/FXhome/HitFilm 2 Express
    In there, there will be a folder called WebCache
    Delete this folder
    Restart the Program
  • My computer can't find the folder. And when I start the software, the home page is only a blank white page, until I select project and want to start editing. 
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Simon typo'd the file path you need to enter.  Try this one instead:
    ~/Library/Application Support/FXhome/HitFilm 2 Express
    The "/" as a second character is pretty critical, as it turns out.  Follow Simon's instructions above, except add that slash into the third step.