Using Masks..

guitar74 Website User Posts: 506
I got a question.... I did the Light sword tutorial and I made a mask so the sword would glow!! I'm a little confused about something! In Vision Lab, if I used some stock footage of (Fire) and wanted it behind a building I would use a mask to cover the stock footage that I did not want to see, so how do you so that in HitFilm and Someone told me there is a circle mask already in Hitfilm, not sure where it is, are the mask to choose from in a cetain loactaion?? Thanks Hitfilmers!! Chad
Majahr Pictures: That sort of helps, but now I have to ask, the light saber tutorial makes a white plane and free hand a mask, when you turn the opacity back on the white color is in the rectangle. On Vision lab you had to close the mask, do you do the same here and antimate them?? How do you move a effect, mask, and the 3d plane how do you turn that on for a effect to look at it?? Thanks!