kievi Posts: 7 Just Starting Out*


I´m only a little amateur, like to model in 3d. And if i had english in school, i played computer games. So sorry about my english and i know hitfilm can much more, as i use it. But i love it.

Maybe you have time to have a look @ my animation project, calling "Koutneverland" I tell a true story. ANd i build more than 60 Buildings, places and so on from cologne Germany. Sometimes, i work in bed, cause i have something like Parkinson. And every modelled building is a little victory about this ****. I began this work since three years.Ok...here we go :-)

This are four outtakes, from my forthcoming film. I think i´m ready in spring 2019

take one....


take two....


take three....


take four....


An english version will follow. Thank you very much for your time, and best regards from cologne germany