Custom matte cleaner, spill removal?



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    Do you think it would help if I did a luma key and a chroma key at once?  Could I do that?

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    Technically yes, since you can use an HSV (or maybe it's called HSL) key, which is Hue, Saturation, and Value/Luminosity. 

    Combine that with a mask and you gain a lot of control. It's a pretty common thing to do in compositing and in color grading. :)


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    @JacobBrooks this video discusses masking, matting and every keying filter in Hitfilm and the basic principles of how they work.

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    So, I purchased the Chroma Key add on for Express today, but it is not showing up in the program. I restarted the computer and got a notification email.  Does it sometimes take a bit to show up?

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    In the process of figuring out how to clean the playmats that my company makes, I've sacrificed twenty of them. A GP playmat, an Inked custom playmat, an UltraPro store-purchased mat, and seventeen that I received from a few of providers before settling were among the gallant dead.

    Unfortunately, even on my machine's delicate cycle, all of them had issues with water getting in between the rubber and the fabric top, causing bubbling and lifting of the material, as well as irreparable damage. Some places claim that a gentle cycle wash is fine, and it may be on some machines, but I always tell my customers to stay away from the washing machine.

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