Improving a Short Film(Fire VFX, Story, etc)

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So I posted a discussion under the Hitfilm User Gallery where I was really just advertising for a short film, however, I would love some tips on how to improve it now that I'm visiting this category. You can find the short film here:   Some of the feedback I would like would be on the fire VFX(I struggled to get it to look exactly right) as well as pacing and character development. If you enjoy the short you could always subscribe to the channel:


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    First of all, I think that the idea for the short is very well and it tells a nice story.

    I would say that lighting and color grading is something that you could improve on and it would probably help set the tone a bit more. The short feels very light looking at the color.

    Also, I think that using a music track could help as well to set the horror tone.

    As far as editing goes, I think that you did well, but there are some awkward cuts. For example, the cut around 3:38 where the therapist is suddenly on the other side of the frame.

    For the VFX, I think that blending them in the shot is what you could improve on, I created a tutorial on that topic:

    The little smoke poof at 0:57 should probably stay in place instead of tracked to the hand, as it doesn't appear relative to the hands.

    I think you did a great job and you should keep on creating new things.

    As Ryan Connolly from Film Riot would say: "Don't forget to write, shoot, edit, repeat."

    ~Jamie - Film Empire

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    @Film_Empire Sorry for the late response, but thank you so much for the feedback! I definitely see where you are coming from when you mention improving tone and cutting, so thanks again, I will use your suggestions in the future :)

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