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We'll use this thread to post our future video projects.
Here's our latest. It's a short vid we made mostly to test some effects with Blender and Hitfilm, and some workflow ideas. Any feedback at all will be welcome.


  • Triem23
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    Nicely done. Your matchmove is solid, the animation of the impacts feels right, you've got a good composite, your shadows are spot on and it's a funny gag.
    My only niggle would be that the road cones all look super clean and pristine--the specular highlights are a little TOO clean--and would look even better with some dirt and maybe some scratches or something, but very good work!
  • KirstieT
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    Great job with Blender Jonesbros! 
    I do agree with Triem23 about the road - although it wasn't the surface of the concrete that was niggling at me, it was more the pristine cones. The way that they dent and fly away is very realistic and brilliantly done, but perhaps they are a little too orange considering the dull surroundings. Maybe keep them the same colour but cover them with a little bit of dust? 
    As they hit it may be a good idea to have some tiny details such as little pebbles or dirt also flying into the air. 
    But otherwise, it really is a great job :)
  • jonesbros
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    Check out our latest video and let us know what you think! Our main difficulty with this one was trying to convey the story of a rivalry between the guitarist and drummer. I'm not sure if it comes across. We would definitely like to hear your suggestions on what we could have done better, and most importantly, what we can do better next time. Thanks.
  • KirstieT
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    Hey - thanks for sharing your newest video.
    I think wanting to portray a 'story' in about 40 seconds is pretty difficult. Honestly, watching it, I didn't get any idea of rivalry between the two, apart from the title. I thought they played pretty brilliantly together, and were just upping the ante as they increased the volume. 
    That said, I don't think the fact I didn't cotton on to the rivalry took anything away from the video. The effect at the end and the general audio set up of the short was really good. It just looked like an unfortunate accident!
    However, if you really wanted to show rivalry in such a tiny space of time I think it's a case of changing a couple of things:
    1) The actors seemed pretty deadpan the whole time. It would have been good if they had snarled at each other a little instead of looking like they were playing together as a team. 
    2) Instead of having them play a tune together, perhaps have the drummer rock out for a couple of seconds, then the guitarist make a visible effort to beat it. You could even include a tertiary character who wanders in and seems to provoke the competition between the two guys who are trying to impress them. 
    Does that make sense? Seriously though - I really like this video - it was really funny :)
  • jonesbros
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    edited July 2015

    Pool Noodle Lightsaber

    We couldn't resist making a lightsaber video. We used Hitfilm's Lightsword (glow only) effect.

  • Stargazer54
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    @jonesbros You guys have too much time on your hands.  Get a job!

    (but seriously)  Good stuff.  Made me laugh.  Job well done.


  • jonesbros
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    edited June 2017

    We wanted to get back to making videos, so we shot some footage while out taking pictures. We liked this location's post-apocalyptic feel.

  • CleverTagline
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    Very nice! Love the locations, and you definitely got some great shots.

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