Resize Editor length?

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How do I resize the preview length of the editor? I have a project in which it is currently handling a length of over 2 1/2 hours, but my content takes up less than 5 minutes, which continues to cause problems. How do I change the duration of the editor's timeline?


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    The editor/NLE timeline length is automatically increased as you add new media to the timeline. For example, if you add a clip to the timeline that would extend beyond the end of the timeline, the length of the timeline is increased to accommodate the new media.

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     @NormanPCN Thanks, but I already gathered and understand this. What I'm hoping for is some way to decrease the length of the editor timeline. I've even tried closing and relaunching the program, but the new lengths are always saved with the project. It's made using the timeline difficult for me multiple times now.

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    There is no way to reduce the timeline length, other than to edit the project XML, which I have done.

    I have put timeline duration edit into the wishlist. The only reason one would care about shortening the timeline duration, that I can think of, is using the timeline zoom control. Hitfilm timeline scale/zoom is just, ...ahem, and it gets worse as the timeline duration gets longer. I have ended up with longer timelines than I want. I don't use the trimmer and I typically trim on the timeline and I have often have longer media with GoPro footage attached to a bike. The GoPro is just on for a long time. Given that, and to keep the timeline from becoming excessive, one is kinda forced into using the trimmer. Or you edit the XML.

    If you want to edit the XML, FrameCount is the field you are looking for.

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    @NormanPCN Exactly, editing on the timeline is very difficult with large timelines, expecialy with the janky zooming. I actually love the trimmer and was very happy when I discovered it, as I had been trimming in the editor beforehand.

    Thank you so much for the XML edit trick. Something in-program would be nicer, and I'm glad it's on the wishlist, but I understand that it's not currently implemented and am totally fine with doing some file editing. To be honest, I was pretty sure there just wasn't any way, so I'm glad I asked.

    Thanks! :)

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