Adding the Mocha Pro OFX plugin

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I got a copy of Mocha Pro Stand Alone for 3 months (maybe more) to do tutorials and other videos with (Thanks Boris FX!).  As I understand it that also came with the OFX plugins, the download page had links to download everything basically. So I downloaded it and ran the installer. Then nothing. So can I install that in HitFilm Express?


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    Express does not support plug-ins. Only Pro.

    Well...Express does support the bundled versions of mocha and Boris, which are plug-ins, but they are treated special.

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    Oh OK. I guess I just have to do it in the stand alone and export a HItFilm composite shot. Thanks,

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    Note for mocha pro standalone: Camera Solves and Roto Splines (or Quad Warp points) export as a comp shot. If you do anything with Insert, Remove, Stabilize or Lens Correction you'll have to render the video from mocha. TIFF sequences would be highest-quality 16-bit footage, but, if your source is 8-bit footage (probably is, depends on your camera), then 8-bit PNG sequences are the way to go. 

    From experience: I actually prefer the look of Hitfilm's lens correction tools over mocha. 

    Mocha stabilization isn't as easy to use as Hitfilm stabilization or a warp-type stabilizer, but mocha's has a great look to it and it's controllable.

    Remove is incredible! Not just for cleaning up video, like removing a bg object, I've used remove to take off an actor's eye! 

    Insert has some 3D warping that's helpful for digital makeup if that's your thing. Useful with (example)  those stock zombie overlay packs from rocket stock or production crate. 

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