[RESOLVED] Upgrading Hitfilm Express 2017 to v8

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There is something, I really miss in Hitfilm Express, and that is
Update Button in the Software itself

I just downloaded a project file, and it said, I had to update my Hitfilm Express to a newer version, so I did uninstall Express, download the new .msi file, and then install it. After doing that, I shut down my PC, as it requested. After opening my PC and Hitfilm again, the same issue. It's a lot easier, and I guess, most people would be more happy, if that there was an Update Button in the software itself, so you don't have to try to reinstall it.

Just a quick note, I run Hitfilm Express Update 8 right now (5.0.7012.39363), so that should be the newest?
If so, why do the project file then not work still? It's the newest version, and it told me to update to newest so um? What did I do wrong?


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    Actually version 5 is Hitfilm Express 2017. The current version is v8, which is a different program. You'll need to download and install the current Hitfilm Express from this site. Use the same email address as your current version to make certain any add-ons you have carry forward. 

    Hitfilm will automatically inform you when updates are available but there are no more updates for version 5.

    Recent changes in the distribution model mean this installation of Express v8 should be the last time you have to upgrade to a fresh install. From now on you'll always see the updates. 

    Hope this helps. 

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    So, just to be right, I have to install v5 back?
    I don't get it, sorry, since I was informed to update my program. So I did...

    I pressed install from fxhome.com/account
    As shown on this image: https://prnt.sc/k0z1xu

    I hope, this image helps a little.

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    You need to install the completely different Hitfilm Express from scratch from here. 


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    Ok, thanks aloy. I'll try that out

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