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can I re-install Hitfilm Pro after uninstalling it without it counting as a “new” computer? 

I have one install left once I get a replacement for the laptop I just returned for an exchange. 

But I want to work on some stuff. So I was wondering if I could put it back on my old laptop. 



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    I think you're ok cuz Hitfilm records a hardware ID. 

    Worse comes to work you can always deactivate a computer from your account page here. 3 installs isn't 3 installs ever, it's three active installations at once that can be deactivated and moved between machines. 

  • HitFilmer128619HitFilmer128619 Website User Posts: 322

    Ok, cool. 

    So I’ll install Hitfilm on my old Mac to hold me over until the new one comes. 

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