Hitfilm repeatedly crashes when trying to form masks over text layers

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I have a very simple composite shot with a text box that I want to cut with a mask but when I start creating the mask hitfilm crashes instantly and pops up its crash dialogue box. The crash only happens when I use right click to move the canvas so I can start placing more points accurately. I have sent a few crash reports to the hitfilm team but I thought I would bring it up here as well to get some more immediate feedback. Very short visual

Hitfilm express 2017 8.1.7729.45222

Specs: R5 1600x @4.0ghz, GTX1070, 16gbDDR4


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    I'm not on Windows, but I suppose I can ask this: are your video drivers up to date?

    And for the record, HitFilm Express beginning with version 8 no longer includes the year in the name, so what you have is just HitFilm Express, not HitFilm Express 2017.

  • Erosion139Erosion139 Website User Posts: 64

    I did end up trying to uninstall it so I may have downloaded the wrong version. Is 5.0.712.39363 the correct version?

  • Erosion139Erosion139 Website User Posts: 64

    Nvm, that was also incorrect. The latest version should be 8.1.7729.45222. I am running the latest Nvidia drivers and everything. The reinstall did not fix the issue either.

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    How about OS updates? This is probably going to be something that Support will need to take care of. Other than basic "Are you OS and GPU drivers current?" I can't think of anything we can specifically do to help.

    If you're running Antivirus, you might want to tell support what Antivirus you're running. Some Anti viruses do have known interactions with Hitfilm, but I don't remember what they are. Support would have that list. (For reference Mods aren't FXHOME staff. We're just user volunteers that help delete the occasion Spam thread.)

    What's your OS? If Windows 7 you might get the dreaded "That's not officially supported, so we might not be able to help" response. :(

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    @Erosion139 Thanks for reporting this, it is a bug in HitFilm. We will fix it as a high priority but in the meantime, make sure you create two mask points before using the right click to move the canvas and you should not hit the crash.

    Sorry for the inconvenience

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    Hello, I have almost the same problem on free version. When I'm trying to insert text in my layer, hitfilm crashes all the time. If I double click or If I click on icon "A" it crashes every time.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you


  • CedricBonnierCedricBonnier Staff Administrator, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,189 Staff

    @fmonge If you create a new composite shot then click the A icon to add a text layer, does it crash then?

  • fmongefmonge Website User Posts: 2

    Hello Cédric,

    Yes it still crashes, I create 2 or 3 new composite shots. I can use every layer except text. Every time I click on "A" icon or double click to add text, it crashes. That's weird !

  • CedricBonnierCedricBonnier Staff Administrator, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,189 Staff

    @fmonge Do you get the crash dialog asking you to send the crash report to us? If so, could you repeat those steps and send the crash report with your email address please? I saw one report you uploaded but I'm not sure what actions led to this crash.

    1. Launch HitFilm Express
    2. Create a new 1920x1080 project
    3. Create a new composition from the Media panel
    4. Click on the A button in the Viewer panel to select the text tool

    If you would like a higher priority answer, please contact support

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    For anyone looking at this who's having the same problem as fmonge (hitfilm crashes when you add text to composite shot), I had the same problem and it was the quick solution of updating my graphics driver. Here's simple instructions from FX on how to do this: https://fxhome.com/faqs/view/10

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