Quality worsens when importing a .mp4 file into Hitfilm Express

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Whenever I try importing footage of my gameplay, Hitfilm always seems to make the video more choppy and laggy. Even if I export, the quality is still very bad. If I pause the video, the quality is the same as my original mp4. It is just when I resume the video that the quality worsens. Please help! I just downloaded Hitfilm yesterday. Thank you.


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    I have REALLY got to get out a tutorial on this issue this week... Save my self a LOT of retyping.

    Your video is fine.

    Move up to the "Options" Menu at the top right of the viewer panel and look for "Paused Quality" and "Playback Quality." Change those from whatever they are currently at (Probably "Fastest") up to "Final." Look for "Pause Resolution" and "Playback Resolution." Change those from whatever they are (Probably "Half") to "Full."

    Now your footage will look super crisp and clear. Understand by turning these quality settings up you will experience slower playback. Without knowing your system specs I can tell you you have a pretty low powered machine because Hitfilm has automatically lowered your playback/paused resolution and quality to lower settings.

    You're using gameplay videos? What screen recorder did you use to capture and what are your export settings? Also, what is the resolution and frame rate of your original video and the resolution and frame rate of your export settings? Hitfilm shouldn't be making things choppier on export, and the chances are very high that you have some incorrect settings you'll want to change.

    You can improve playback performance in Hitfilm by transcoding your footage to a better editing format first. This video covers the "WHY" of transcoding and demonstrates several free tools to do so. Long story short your gameplay footage is recorded in a format designed for PLAYBACK not EDITING. By converting your footage to an EDITING format you can improve edit performance in Hitfilm. This will result in larger files, but this cannot be avoided.


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