Another techie question

got the new laptop. THAT part is over. 

While the editing (especially using scopes) is significantly faster and smoother, the rendering process still takes about as long as it did with my old computer. I started exporting a 5 minute clip and as of right now as I type this, it’s at 64%. Going on 10 minutes now. 

What else is missing in this equation? 

 I understand faster GPU and what not, but compared to my previous laptop (basic and very much under powered) it’s about the same. 

Hell, maybe longer. I don’t know. 



  • CleverTagline
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    Not sure that anything is missing.  The topic of export time came up in another forum discussion not long ago.  Once you add effects and comps, most exports are generally going to be roughly 3-4 times longer than the actual project length.  For a 5 minute project, having the export at 64% when it's 10 minutes in sounds about right.

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