FOR NEWBIES: The easiest way to dramatically improve Hitfilm

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First, a gentle reminder, it might be good if the forum has a section specifically to welcome newbies to Hitfilm.   As example, here's a tip which could be great for newbies (it has been for me!!) but is likely of little use to more experienced users.

The single best thing I've done for my Hitfilm experience is connect a second monitor.    This has allowed me to put the video viewer panel by itself full screen on the second monitor, where I can now see what's going on SO MUCH better.   There is also now more room on the main monitor for me to arrange the other Hitfilm panels in a manner more suitable to my taste.  And then of course I can save this setup using the very useful Workspace feature.

A second monitor doesn't need to be anything expensive.  A  $40 used monitor from Craigslist will likely do the the job if one is on a budget.  I find that my somewhat cheesy 2nd monitor works just great for everything but color adjustments.  To do color adjustments I grab the video viewer window and drag it from the 2nd monitor over to the main monitor, the monitor I'll be using to watch the videos I've created.

It's hard to overstate how much more I'm enjoying Hitfilm now that I have more screen real estate to work in.  I'm working on connecting a third monitor now.  Someday I'll probably have a whole wall full of giant monitors like they use at NORAD and NASA.  Every pixel should have it's own monitor, don't you think?    :-)

Ok you VideoGods, now it's turn.   Show off your monitor setups!


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    I have 4 monitors, It's awesome.

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    2 x 24' monitors here - could hardly without having two. A third would be great of course..

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    4 monitors!  Ha!  But you really should have eleven you know.  :-)

    This might help somebody out there.   I have a 30 inch TV that I could hookup as a 2nd or 3rd monitor.  But I'd have to move it back and forth from computer to TV station every day so I don't bother.  Maybe that would work for somebody. 

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    Are you saying that there are still some people that are using only one monitor?

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    @BobDiMarzio Um...yes.  *raises hand*

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    @BobDiMarzio when ine doea field work on a laptop one is not carting around a second monitor. It's actually pretty rare that I use a dual monitor setup. 

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    WHAT??  WTF?  Triem doesn't have 13 monitors???  Is this some kind of scam??  :-)

    Wow, Hitfilm on a laptop.  You must have a huge laptop, really good eyes, or both.  

    But wait, when the @#$%^ is the Hitfilm for iPhone version going to be ready??   How much longer do we have to wait FXhome??  And why won't Hitfilm run on an Apple watch anyway?

    I've been a monitor hog since the very first day of owning a Mac.  The first monitor I bought was a grayscale 19 inch (considered HUGE at the time).  I gave up color so I could have that extra desktop space.  And now my eyes are a quarter century older, so....

    Anyway, I was sincerely surprised at how much a 2nd monitor enhanced my Hitfilm experience.  At least for we geezer nubes, sure does make things easier.

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    @Thomekk 2 x 24' monitors here - could hardly without having two. A third would be great of course..

     I think that forty eight feet of monitor is just overkill! And it must generate a lot of heat! But I would do it if I could afford it.

  • cluelessnube
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    Just to be different I'd actually argue a good shuttle/jog controller (Countour Shuttle Pro or Express - I use a Pro) is even more important than a second monitor. A second screen is nice and gives more room to spread out control panels, but, if you've never used a Shuttle/Jog wheel, I cannot stress how much nicer it is to navigate a timeline with the twist of a wrist. These devices also have tons of hotkeys on them for your favorite keyboard shortcuts. If given the choice between my Contour Shuttle Pro and a second screen I'll take the Shuttle Pro every time.

  • Andy001z
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    2 24" here, but mostly use one, not sure why.

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    @PhilTannyAnd why won't Hitfilm run on an Apple watch anyway?  :)))
    @DataDesign:  yeah, really unwarrantable  and makes not better quality videos anyways..
    @Triem23:  You just made me curious about the Countour Shuttle, maybe I should try it. Though I get along with the shortcuts and mouse (and though zooming has some restrictions).

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    "and though zooming has some restrictions"

    I've scratched that itch often. So I'll leave it at this.

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    2 x 24" here on the desktop, which I use most of the time, but if I have to go mobile I use two laptops. Editing happens on one screen. The other screen is for everything else. Word with project notes, Excel for a timing and asset list, Filemaker for project management, email etc. etc. I also use a frankenstein homebrew shuttle controller and a gaming keyboard with macros.

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    I tried upload pic here, no luck, anyone know how to upload this forum ?

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    @dghf2016 The forum can't directly host images.   You'll have to upload it to a picture hosting site like Flickr, imgur, etc or a cloud storage like OneDrive, Google My Drive etc and then post a link to it here.  I know the Flickr link puts the image on some site but I'm not 100% about thus forum.

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    Hope anyone able to see this pic below.


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